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Since you're saying that......
What do I need to give, so that you won't return empty handed?
Okay, you can take a photo, just one......

The public leader of Rhodes Island.

Peacefulness and safety is the usual impression that she leaves on others. Her mannerisms are neither humble nor arrogant, yet people always seem to see some sort of profound power within her.

Whether it is to gather people's minds, or to point the correct path; no matter if they are confused and lost, or simply pursuing a dream; all seem to want to find her to seek answers.

When the natural disasters came and she lead Rhodes Island at the frontlines, many people were reminded of that kind of spirit which is so precious in this time and age.

Now, she gazes into the distance as usual, in the direction where yet another wish beckons.


A large portion of the descriptions for this species exist only in books, and can be determined through the differences in consanguinity; based on the difference in genetics, each individual can also vary greatly.

During the mining industrial era when natural disasters were increasingly frequent, the tension between governments made it so that these kind of mixed-breeds were almost impossible to be born. Of course, besides the common knowledge of extending lifespans, there may also be other dangerous methods which may birth a chimera.

That is, if she didn't lie to me.

Game Stats

Amiya's HP is 100