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Arknights World Structure

The natural disasters brought about chaos, and with it "Originium". The large scale development and usage of "Originium" brought civilization into the modern era, but at the same time, the substances released in the development of Originium gave birth to the "Infected" -- even though no country is willing to admit it, rumors continue to spread unabated.

Due to the pervasive infectiousness upon death and other dormant dangers, should an Infected be discovered, their only fate is death or exile.

Reunion Movement

See main article: Reunion Movement

They seek to become one with the Originium, and bring about a new world order

The Reunion Movement was once an aimless underground organization of Infected. A few years ago, a new leader emerged, along with a new kind of idealogy. After that, the Reunion Movement began to quietly gather Infected from all corners of the world, preparing for a terrifying subversion plan.

Before the various rulers of each country noticed their presence, the Reunion Movement revealed its fangs.

Rhodes Island

See main article: Rhodes Island

The best way to counter Infected is to use Infected

A small-scale organization made up of both normal people and Infected, they possess a complete and independent armed force as well as mineral infection research and quarantine methods. Recently, they've been at the forefront for dealing with violent Infected.

"Rhodes Island" Pharmaceutical Company was registered not too long ago. They aren't too well known, even though they employ Infected to repeatedly enter high-risk areas affected by natural disasters, rescue victims, solve disputes over minerals, oppose rebel forces, and other more secretive things. They seem to possess a comprehensive emergency response for natural disasters, experienced operating procedures for rescuing victims, and an effective way of fighting Infected. It's hard to believe that this is something that can be accomplished by such a small-scale organization.

But what this organization's main objective is, no one knows.


Wait! Wait! Actually I'm from Rhodes Island, here to look for help regarding Originium and the Sickness......!
Thinking about it, doesn't seem likely? Though it's hard to say...... Liskam, what do you think.
Hand it over to the doctor then, we still have other things to do.

An ore crystallized from naturally overflowing energy, commonly called Originium.

Its appearance is a black, semi-translucent ore. The abundant energy contained within has been systematically utilized in many areas of modern life. At the current stage of understanding, it is also considered to be the main cause of natural disasters. "A disaster caused wantonly by naturally condensing energy, can it be considered as a kind of hugely wasteful behaviour?" A random thought flitters across my mind, making me think that the sickness forced upon mankind by Nature may not be such a vexatious thing after all.

Originiums' sufferer

People infected by originium are commonly called Originiums' sufferer; Based on the infected's constitution, the sickness will trigger within a certain amount of time after infection. The symptoms of infection include ore crystals forming on the body or within the body. As time passes, the infection will worsen, causing obvious growths of crystal both within and without the body, culminating in the crystallization of the body fluids and the death of the infected. At the moment, there are no effective cures for the sickness. "No one can tell Originiums' sufferers how to continue living", thus those among them with talent have decided to gamble each other's future, and make the whole world tremble.

Saw it. That spell technique of yours is quite unique.
Indeed, although Franka can diagnose the sickness, if it is in the early stage it would be quite hard to diagnose.
Seems to be so......
So - you entering Rhodes Island, was it because you're in the early stages of infection, or, is there another purpose?

World & Chimera Records

Nothing can withstand the power of the disaster.
Hello, we meet again, or maybe you should have tried to avoid trouble early on, instead of following behind me...
What you want to know...sorry, maybe you placed too much importance on what I said that day, but I was just answering casually...
I'm no different from everyone, physically, or mentally...

Gray, murky clouds are blown by the wind to the distant horizon, the mist blurring the boundaries of the mountain and the sky; the temperature has dropped to sub-zero degrees, the breath coming out condensing into white smoke instantly; the ground beneath is black, barren earth, remnants of destroyed buildings littering the ground being crossed. The bleak view misleads one, almost making me forget the fact that we came from a civilized world.

The old storyteller once taught us, storms/meteors/floods/earthquakes...are warnings from the planet Earth, its dormant power can easily destroy all that we hold dear--perhaps the bleak desolation I see now is the proof of it. We used to think of "civilization" as a great fortress, but now, it seems more like a fragile greenhouse...


Since you're saying that......
What do I need to give,
so that you won't return empty handed?
Okay, you can take a photo, just one......

A large portion of the descriptions for this species exist only in books, and can be determined through the differences in consanguinity; based on the difference in genetics, each individual can also vary greatly.

During the mining industrial era when natural disasters were increasingly frequent, the tension between governments made it so that these kind of mixed-breeds were almost impossible to be born. Of course, besides the common knowledge of extending lifespans, there may also be other dangerous methods which may birth a chimera.

That is, if she didn't lie to me.

From now on, we must strictly follow the timing of the plan

Penguin Logistics

Everyone has a secret.
Some die because of it.
Some live because of it.
Our job is to deliver those secrets to those who needs it.

The disaster approaches, it brings more than devastation.

I can smell the tension in the air, all possible exits of the ship is being guarded by armed security personnel.

I must deliver this photo to warn that person of her coming... In my anxious thoughts I suddenly remembered "that" familiar logistics company.

At the moment where the hour hand and the minutes hand perfectly divided the clock, I saw Texas and a girl whom claimed she is an Angel.

To my surprise I did not get to see the penguin plastered all over their poster...

"We look forward to serving you again." Texas retrieved the package and payment from me and handed me a flyer.

Penguin Logistics Employee Bios

Penguin Logistics is a private delivery company, founded in XXXX. Due to special expansion needs the company moved to "Dragon Gate" at XXXX and has been using "Dragon Gate" and the surrounding area as their primary service zone.

As Dragon Gate's premiere express delivery service PL provides unparalleled security, confidentiality, and high class transport service.

We will work with all clients to find the best services that meet their particular needs. Our armed delivery agents will ensure your package arrives at their destination with the utmost accuracy, security and speed.

PL have a 99%+ rate of on time delivery and less than 0.1% of damaged package.


We have flexible armed transport solution for your needs, delivery is carried out by knowledgeable and experienced staff. Due to the special nature of the request please set up delivery details with our staff 2 days before desired pick up date. Please use special channels to set up Private High-Class deliveries.

To ensure the success of your request do not share any information about the content or special access key to any 3rd party.

**Terms and conditions apply.


With many years of experience under her belt, she can calmly deal with any emergencies, highly rated for her trust and sincerity. Adept at close quarters combat, she excels at clearing wide areas with a large number of threats.


Expert in multiple long-range weapons and related tactics and training. With multiple abilities at her disposal, she can provide effective sniper support and enhance teammates' combat effectiveness.


Penguin Logistics, rumored to be an underground transport company, what sets them apart is that they can deliver everything including the "Lions" from "Dragon Gate". And guarantee their safety and on time delivery. Well that's according to their advertisement... There are times when their package never made it to their destinations, the client and delivery agent vanished never to be seen again... I suppose they are making a great gamble as well. They seem to be the only ones providing such service under all this security.

Even though these posters makes an effort at painting an optimistic picture, I feel uneasy at what is about to happen.

Blacksteel International


On photo: Liskam

Occasionally pieces of gravel strike the windscreen, but other than that the only sound heard is the constant whirring of the car engine.

Just as I am thinking of how to strike up a conversation, the car stops at what seems to be a sentry post.

The girl approaching from the distance speaks into her walkie-talkie:

"RI106--Franka, RI107--Liskam, we have contained the suspects tracking Rhodes Island."

"Black Steel", full name "Black Steel International", is a private security consultant firm, and at the same time one of the most famous military contractors. Besides the typical provision of armed forces, there are hints that they used to appoint several "Biological Protection Response Specialists[?] (B.P.R.S)[?]". These people are some of the few professional specialists able to work on matters related to originium and infected. Based on this, the scope of their security services covers many different areas including post-disaster logistics and rescue operations. However, recent data has shown that on such cases, they have been facing increasingly difficult situations...

Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island's public information does not state that they are involved in any armed conflict, but from some of their personnel and security forces, traces of professionalism can be seen. Considering that Rhodes Island has only been registered for merely a few years, there are many questions surfacing in my head. From the publicized information, I believed that the relationship between them was one of competition. Looking at it's possible that some other relationship exists among them.

Wait, you guys aren't from Black Steel??
Apologies, special circumstances, we now work for Rhodes Island.

Blacksteel Employee Bios


On photo: Franka


From her shield and horns, it is obvious that she is extremely familiar with spells. Many people say that she treats everything seriously, even if the matter is not serious at all. Because of this, her teammates often teasingly call her "Honor Student". Even so, this personality is a key factor that allowed her to break past her limits. Liskam seems to be cooperating with Franka on some matters.


There are many reports regarding her, and she was once considered as one of the more prominent members of Black Steel. However, several years back she stopped updating her contact details. I believe that this has something to do with her intentionally avoiding the infection tests. From what I hear, she is skilled at faking personalities and figuring out her target's intentions. While meeting with her in person, her expression always makes me feel uneasy. On her person, I see a B.P.R.S mark, as well as that strangely shaped and patterned short sword.

I'm sorry that I have "yet again restricted" your operation, I hope that you will cooperate.

GreatLungMen Guards Bureau

Ch'en holds the photograph from the package, no trace of emotion visible as she looks at me. The man in charge of GreatLungMen stands behind her, his voice polite yet dignified:

Since you know the importance of this person, then please tell us her location.

On pic: Ch'en

Maybe it will take some time, next,
I will need your absolute secrecy and cooperation.


The combination of GreatLungMen's security force and safety division, it is focused, unforgiving, but effective. Especially when it comes to the problem of the infected brought about by the natural disasters.

An old and strict rank system together with a stable selection assessment ensures that it is able to maintain its stability while accepting new blood at the same time, while protecting this lone ark from enemies and natural disasters as it travels among countries.


The young Inspector General of the Guards Bureau, she only revealed her surname to me. Strangely, she doesn't wear the combat uniform of the Guards Bureau.

Where is she right now.

Ch'en says while pointing to the girl in the photo.

I hope you can answer truthfully.

On pic: Wei YenWu

I need that kid, to help me with a small favor.

A person with an actual head of a dragon tells me this.

I think I have provoked somone that I should not have.


Each city has its own ruler, however among them Wei YenWu has left the greatest impression on me. Keeping with his ancestral blood, his methods are tough, his eyes are sharp, being in the same space with him is enough to feel suffocated.

Even though it's like this, yet his eyes contain a flicker of anxiety.

I never thought there would be a day when I got involved with them.

Since I'm already involved, I guess I probably can't leave anymore.

Don't you know what time it is.
No matter who you want to give this person's information to, before that......
I need more experts capable of fighting against the natural disasters and the infected.
Chernobog will soon be torn apart by rebellions and disaster.
Before this chaos spreads to GreatLungMen, find her.

Delivery Package

Delivery Package 001


A feeling of uneasiness lingers in the air, the other side also replied that the package wasn't received. What happened......


Delivery Package 002


The thing I was most afraid of has finally happened......





"So this is what you want to deliver, huh."

The fully-armed person asks,

"Please come with us, we want to ask you a few questions."


Good and evil is in the hands of fate. If you choose wrongly, she will help you fix this error.

Wei YenWu

Those who break the contract, will forever be chased out of the earth and the sky.



I've temporarily lost my freedom, for now I can only wander about in the Guard Bureau's halls.

A young woman with black hair, long ears and wheat colored skin is sitting on a long bench. On her head is a snake-shaped accessory, which left a lasting impression on me.

Upon seeing me approach, she leaves without a word. On the bench she was sitting on, there is a piece of paper left behind.

These numbers are......

Originium Emergency Measure Operators/Classes



Guards are usually the first units to be deployed into the battlefield, being responsible for blocking nearing threats and clearing them out. Their abilities tend to be well-rounded, and are able to face most enemies.



Tanks are the most durable combat operatives. They are responsible for blocking enemies at the frontline during combat. A strong tank can hold back multiple enemies at once. However, their strong defensive and survival capabilities come at the cost of offensive power, thus they must cooperate with other operatives to eliminate enemies effectively.



Medics are the core of the entire team. They assist the operatives fighting on the frontline and provide healing for them. Medics are generally weaker than other operatives, so proper protection is required. When paired with Guards, they ensure that the frontline defense will never fall.



Casters are important offensive units, utilizing the power within Originium to strike at enemies in an area using spells. When fighting against enemies equipped with special systems, Casters are much more effective. However, if their location becomes exposed, they will become vulnerable and easily taken down.



Snipers are one of the most common operatives. They seek out favourable terrain to help the team and eliminate approaching enemies. Snipers usually possess a large attack range and strong destructive power, but they are just as fragile as Casters, so take care when deploying them.



Supporters assist operatives in range by enhancing their abilities, or weakening enemy units. Though they don't possess outstanding healing or attacking abilities, as the battle drags on and more operatives enter the fray, their presence will make a huge difference.



Special operatives are a group of operatives each possessing their own unique style of battle. Their battle power varies wildly between each other, but when used in a suitable situation, they have the ability to turn the tables on the enemy.

Day 41 in Penguin Logistics


Day 41 of working for Penguin Logistics--

GROUP   Penguin Logistics - Texas Group
TIME    PM 18:00

"Yo, Grunt A of Rhodes Island, long time no see. Where's Texas?"

"Outside doing field work? I saw her around here just now......"

> "Eh? Why do you need more manpower? I've already completed that job!"

"I see that she's still full of drive as usual!"

"Ah......that person over there?......I actually think that she's a little too motivated?"

Come to think of it, the reason I'm working for Penguin Logistics,
that's something that happened one and a half months ago......


"Amiya, find some stuff for him to do."

"Then, we've always been working together with Penguin Logistics......I heard that they've been lacking manpower lately,
if you're willing, could you go and help them for now?"

That "motivated girl" continues working,
as it seems that the settlement after a week is extremely important to her.

"So, Grunt A, you should learn how to work hard like her."

"This energy......I really don't know where it comes from......"

"I heard that!
You're talking about this energy? Of course it's bought!"

Having someone with such working ability,
it seems like recruiting would be a waste of time-

Though I thought so,
allowing someone to undermine my work like this is probably not worth it.