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Expert in multiple long-range weapons and related tactics and training. With multiple abilities at her disposal, she can provide effective sniper support and enhance teammates' combat effectiveness.


See in Backstory

"Yo, Grunt A of Rhodes Island, long time no see. Where's Texas?"

Grunt A:
"Outside doing field work? I saw her around here just now......"

on the side:
> "Eh? Why do you need more manpower? I've already completed that job!"

"I see that she's still full of drive as usual!"

Grunt A:
"Ah......that person over there?......I actually think that she's a little too motivated?"

"So, Grunt A, you should learn how to work hard like her."

Grunt A:
"This energy......I really don't know where it comes from......"

"I heard that! You're talking about this energy? Of course it's bought!"

Game Stats

Exusiai's HP is 100