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Q&A 01

"What you want to know,
We can tell you.
And what you can't know, we will also tell you."

Is the game 3D or 2D?

The game will use a combination of 2D and 3D. The dev team hopes that by using the strengths of both and finding a balance, the user experience may be improved.

So when is beta going to start?

The first beta is scheduled for 2017.

Since this is a TD, I'd like to know if the game's towers are the usual towers or just many "clones"?

Rhodes Island will deploy elite members to specific areas to carry out battles, there are neither towers nor "clones". Under certain circumstances, battle members can be recalled and deployed to another section of the battlefield.

*He only says that it's not a tower like a literal cannon tower.

There seem to be many factions in Arknights, so is the player a member of one of the factions? Or can the player choose their own faction?

In the beginning, the player will be fighting alongside Rhodes Island. Based on the development progress, we hope to give players more choices.

Will Penguin Logistics be involved in out-of-game activities in the near future?

Art team no.8: When I was recruited, they told me we were gonna open a clothings store.

At the moment, Penguin Logistics are still in an imaginary stage, we will first focus our efforts on creating a wonderful game that will fulfill players' expectations.

It was mentioned on Weibo that Amiya is not actually a bunny, and that there exists Slimes, can you confirm which species exist?

Exusiai: In my opinion, besides me and Texas, the other species are quite boring.

Amiya: There are species that everyone are familiar with, there are also species that we've never heard of before, I myself can't remember them......there's my species and other species.

Lowlight: There will be quite a number of species, probably won't be able to mention all of them at once. The setting of the species is related to the character design, so the specifics will be detailed as more characters are revealed.

A vehicle has broken down to the south of Chernobog, 6 of us are stranded here, please send help! Coordinates*$$$$$$$$$$

*Rhodes Island has received the request.

New post:

Topic: Looking for missing item Content: Recently lost a notebook (contains within a copy of a photo taken at Rhodes Island of a long-eared girl), if you've found it please contact LungMen Guards Bureau through x6$$$$$$$$$$41 (Please don't take out the photo at the Guards Bureau)

Monetary reward provided.

Q&A 02

"What you want to know,
We can tell you.
And what you can't know, we will also tell you."

Will foreigners be able to join the beta?

People of all nationality will have a chance to join the beta. However, as the main objective of the beta is to collect feedback and improve the game, we will not be able to provide localization options.

From the recent advertising done, it seems like there's quite a bit of commotion regarding the design of the chibis, may I ask what was the consideration for designing such chibis?

We considered all kinds of styles, among them 3D and 2D designs of all types. In the end, we based on the target style of the game, the movement of the characters, optimization for phones, and some other problems and considerations that we may encounter during development. We believe that the current 2D chibis are a suitable choice, and hope that you can understand.

Is the game targeted at a male audience or a general audience? Will there be male characters appearing later on?

The game is targeted at all ages, there will be male characters appearing in the game.

Recently, we've seen an official Korean site for AK, does this mean that Korean servers will be hosted simultaneously?


We'd also discovered this website that is so well-made that it looks indistinguishable from an official website, but it was actually a non-official fansite. However, in the current stage we have not decided on a development plan for a Korean server. We thank the Korean fans for their work, and we're glad that people from other countries can know about our game. At the same time, we thank all the fan work that has been done so far, and we hope to see more of everyone's fan work!

So when can we go to your store to buy clothes?

[Montagne deleted a message]

Art team no.8: They're not letting me talk any more about it....

I want to ask what species Lowlight is, I'm willing to whale!!!!




   Kingdom:  Animalia
   Phylum:   Chordata
   Class:    Mammalia
   Order:    Carnivora
   Family:   Herpestidae
   Genus:    Suricata
             Desmarest, 1804
   Species:  S. suricatta

I wanna play Lowlight, can?



Q&A 03

"What you want to know,
We can tell you.
And what you can't know, we will also tell you."

I'd always thought that Arknights had a modern world setting based on firearms, was I wrong? I saw Nearl's setting a few days ago which mentioned grass plains and a Knight Kingdom, feels pretty different from before.

The world of Arknights is vast. Our design team hopes to bring as much choice to players as possible, while keeping within the overall style of the game. The weapons used by characters are mostly designed based on their personal resolve and backstory, rather than from some inherent understanding. No matter where each character comes from, we hope that players can like them over the course of the game.

Other than this year's beta test, will there be other ways to participate....feels like beta tests typically have very limited participation slots, I'm not sure if I can get in.

Other than the first beta test within the year, there will be some offline events which are undergoing planning right now. Among them is the exhibition at Shanghai COMIC-UP21 at the end of the year. We're very excited to meet with everybody, and share some of what we're developing right now.


*Guest6245182: I picked up the described photo from Chernobog, but I couldn't get in touch with you at LungMen, can we meet up at City Harbor A3584 soon?
>>Reply to thread: Looking for missing item Recently lost a notebook (contains within a copy of a photo taken at Rhodes Island of a long-eared girl), if you've found it please contact LungMen.......
I'll head over within an hour, please wait.


Ah, thank you very much! I've been looking for this notebook for very long.
No problem, I accidentally opened it and saw that the photo was very similar to the description, so I thought that it shouldn't be wrong. Could you tell me how you met her?
It was just when I was rescued at Chernobog, and I felt that she had an unimaginable aura around her.
Unimaginable huh......that's so, maybe Franka and me......forget it. The matter at Chernobog can only come to an end like this.
You also know her?
I'm preparing to go look for her.
Actually......I also have reasons to want to meet her again! If you don't mind, can I tag along with you?
You're looking for her?
There are some things which I need answers to.
We might encounter wild beasts, or the Reunion Movement, if you don't think that it's a problem.
Good, it's my pleasure.

Q&A 04

"What you want to know,
We can tell you.
And what you can't know, we will also tell you."

How do we use the beta invite code?

Go to the official website (, select [Register] to register an account and then use the code after [Login]

What's the starting and ending time of this beta test?

This test will be held from 1 December 2017 (Friday) 10:00am until 4 December 2017 (Monday) 8:00pm.

We may adjust the specific timings based on the progress of the beta test, for updates please refer to the notices ingame or the official Weibo.

Dalao, when can we download the beta test client?

1 December 2017 (Friday) 8:00am, invited players can obtain the download link at the activation page.

I managed to get an invite code, do I need to use Android or iOS to join the beta?

After this round of invites, all players will be assumed to run the game on Android by default. For players on iOS, you can apply for iOS on the official website. We will limit the number of iOS players to not more than 70% of the total players. Players who weren't able to apply for iOS can install an Android emulator to play the game.

For problems encountered in the game, where do we give feedback?

In the related QQ beta test groups or customer service, please refer to the ingame notices at that time.

I wasn't able to join the earlier invite code events, will there be any other events later?

The invite events for the current round has already ended, we are finishing the final distributions. We hope that we will be able to be more prepared and able to accept more players in the future.

Do we need to keep the game contents secret? Can I send screenshots to my friends?

The game is currently still in development, many of the core features, story events, art resources and other game systems may have major adjustments in the future. We hope that we will be able to present a more complete experience to everyone, thus we discourage beta testers from leaking any game contents (screenshots, recordings etc).

Q&A 05

"What you want to know,
We can tell you.
And what you can't know, we will also tell you."

When will the second beta test be?

At the moment the second beta test is still being planned. Please follow our official website, Weibo and Weixin for the latest news, and please do not believe anything that isn't posted via the official channels.

About the merchandise at CP?

It is in preparation, please follow our Weibo.

So, the game is being targeted at a general audience, but there's very few male charcters in the game (sad). Also, 1* characters don't even count as proper characters, right?

The target of the first beta test was just for testing and it does not represent the final product. At the moment, we've only implemented very few male characters, but this does not mean that there will only be a few male characters. More male characters are awaiting implementation.

Hello, I want to ask, is Chen single?

Lowlight: Yes!

After I joined the first beta test, I went to CP and played the test version there! Then I found out that the test version was a completely different version! It feels like a street fighter game! It was really fun, I'd like to play it again! Will there be any more such test versions in future exhibitions?

We're planning to participate in several exhibitions in 2018, and we will try as much as possible before the open beta to let people at the exhibitions who weren't able to join the beta tests to experience Arknight's battle system. Players who have joined the beta tests can still try out the test versions at the exhibitions to get a different experience of the game.

Was there a popularity vote during the first beta test? Who was the most popular character?

The most popular character was Amiya. Unexpectedly, there were 3 votes for 唯(wei). We don't know who 唯 is.

Are there any statistics about the first beta test that can be revealed?

The awakening test players used many different kinds of strategies to clear the missions. For the players who successfully cleared 3-6, all of their first clear formations were different. Also, the lowest average rarity used to clear 3-6 was 2*, while the lowest average rarity used to clear X-5 was 3.2*.

The awakening test players participated actively in the tes, and through the operative recruitment methods 54,839 operatives were recruited, and 71,463 missions were cleared. During the beta test, a total of 583,536 levels of experience was accumulated.

A lot of feedback and suggestions was given by the awakening test players, and according to these feedback and suggestions, we have compiled a total of 186 bug fixes, functionality enhancements and experience improvements.

We thank everyone for their feedback and support.