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From her shield and horns, it is obvious that she is extremely familiar with spells. Many people say that she treats everything seriously, even if the matter is not serious at all. Because of this, her teammates often teasingly call her "Honor Student". Even so, this personality is a key factor that allowed her to break past her limits. Liskam seems to be cooperating with Franka on some matters.


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Occasionally pieces of gravel strike the windscreen, but other than that the only sound heard is the constant whirring of the car engine.

Just as I am thinking of how to strike up a conversation, the car stops at what seems to be a sentry post.

The girl approaching from the distance speaks into her walkie-talkie:

"RI106--Franka, RI107--Liskam, we have contained the suspects tracking Rhodes Island."

Game Stats

Liskam's HP is 100