A person who contracts Originium sickness will have a shortened lifespan and there is absolutely no possibility of a cure.
Type Ore
Source Natural Disasters
Infection Shorter lifespan
Cure None

Originium is a type of ore that is the central cause of conflict within the Arknights universe.

Some organizations are able to harness it, and brought civilization into the modern era. However, the substances released in its development can infect living beings and is said to shorten their lifespan. There is currently no known cure once infected.

Some infected with the Originium substance are able to use it from their bodies to cast "spells". Not everyone has this talent, however.

Due to the threat of this disease, the infected are feared and cast out of societies, leading them to band together and build their own organizations, some violent, some lawful.


Wait! Wait! Actually I'm from Rhodes Island, here to look for help regarding Originium and the Sickness......!
Thinking about it, doesn't seem likely? Though it's hard to say...... Liskam, what do you think.
Hand it over to the doctor then, we still have other things to do.


An ore crystallized from naturally overflowing energy, commonly called Originium.

Its appearance is a black, semi-translucent ore. The abundant energy contained within has been systematically utilized in many areas of modern life. At the current stage of understanding, it is also considered to be the main cause of natural disasters. "A disaster caused wantonly by naturally condensing energy, can it be considered as a kind of hugely wasteful behaviour?" A random thought flitters across my mind, making me think that the sickness forced upon mankind by Nature may not be such a vexatious thing after all.

Originiums' sufferer

People infected by originium are commonly called Originiums' sufferer; Based on the infected's constitution, the sickness will trigger within a certain amount of time after infection. The symptoms of infection include ore crystals forming on the body or within the body. As time passes, the infection will worsen, causing obvious growths of crystal both within and without the body, culminating in the crystallization of the body fluids and the death of the infected. At the moment, there are no effective cures for the sickness. "No one can tell Originiums' sufferers how to continue living", thus those among them with talent have decided to gamble each other's future, and make the whole world tremble.

Saw it. That spell technique of yours is quite unique.
Indeed, although Franka can diagnose the sickness, if it is in the early stage it would be quite hard to diagnose.
Seems to be so......
So - you entering Rhodes Island, was it because you're in the early stages of infection, or, is there another purpose?

List of known infected