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We will work with all clients to find the best services that meet their particular needs. Our armed delivery agents will ensure your package arrives at their destination with the utmost accuracy, security and speed. Penguin Logistics have a 99%+ rate of on time delivery and less than 0.1% of damaged package.

Penguin Logistics is a private delivery company, founded in ???. Due to special expansion needs, the company moved to Dragon Gate at ??? and has been using the location and the surrounding area as their primary service zone. As Dragon Gate's premiere express delivery service, Penguin Logistics provides unparalleled security, confidentiality, and high class transport service.


We have flexible armed transport solution for your needs, delivery is carried out by knowledgeable and experienced staff. Due to the special nature of the request please set up delivery details with our staff 2 days before desired pick up date. Please use special channels to set up Private High-Class deliveries. To ensure the success of your request do not share any information about the content or special access key to any 3rd party.

Terms and conditions apply.


Penguin Logistics, rumored to be an underground transport company, what sets them apart is that they can deliver everything including the "Lions" from Dragon Gate. And guarantee their safety and on time delivery. Well that's according to their advertisement... There are times when their package never made it to their destinations, the client and delivery agent vanished never to be seen again... I suppose they are making a great gamble as well. They seem to be the only ones providing such service under all this security. Even though these posters makes an effort at painting an optimistic picture, I feel uneasy at what is about to happen.


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