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The best way to counter Infected is to use Infected

A small-scale organization made up of both normal people and Infected, they possess a complete and independent armed force as well as mineral infection research and quarantine methods. Recently, they've been at the forefront for dealing with violent Infected.

"Rhodes Island" Pharmaceutical Company was registered not too long ago. They aren't too well known, even though they employ Infected to repeatedly enter high-risk areas affected by natural disasters, rescue victims, solve disputes over minerals, oppose rebel forces, and other more secretive things. They seem to possess a comprehensive emergency response for natural disasters, experienced operating procedures for rescuing victims, and an effective way of fighting Infected. It's hard to believe that this is something that can be accomplished by such a small-scale organization.

But what this organization's main objective is, no one knows.


Rhodes Island's public information does not state that they are involved in any armed conflict, but from some of their personnel and security forces, traces of professionalism can be seen. Considering that Rhodes Island has only been registered for merely a few years, there are many questions surfacing in my head. From the publicized information, I believed that the relationship between them was one of competition. Looking at it's possible that some other relationship exists among them.
from BlackSteel's records, likely thoughts from Liskam


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