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The power of originium is extremely dangerous, but for the future of the Infected, we must learn to control it.

Silent aka Olivia Hermer, comes from Rhine Lab, and is formerly the chief of research for originium. She possesses the common characteristics of a researcher: focused, tidy, quiet, ignorant about anything besides her specialty, sometimes spending several days or longer in her laboratory.

Due to the unavoidable nature of her species, she can fall asleep at any location. After becoming an Infected, this characteristic became even more irregular.

Silent first became entangled with Originium after taking a tour to the Rhine Company with her tutor - Originium technology and its infinite potential greatly attracted her. After successfully completing her studies, she was able to follow her wishes and enter into Rhine Lab’s employment, and focused her passion towards Originium onto project after project, until that child’s birth —

Game Stats

Silent's HP is 100



  • The name Hermer comes from the Old English given name Heremoer. It derives from the Old English elements here, which means army, and moer, which means fame.
  • She's probably a British Brown Owl
  • Her left arm is a wing, her wing is infected, light marking on her right thigh.