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We look forward to serving you again

With many years of experience under her belt, she can calmly deal with any emergencies, highly rated for her trust and sincerity. Adept at close quarters combat, she excels at clearing wide areas with a large number of threats.


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The disaster approaches, it brings more than devastation.

I can smell the tension in the air, all possible exits of the ship is being guarded by armed security personnel.

I must deliver this photo to warn that person of her coming... In my anxious thoughts I suddenly remembered "that" familiar logistics company.

At the moment where the hour hand and the minutes hand perfectly divided the clock, I saw Texas and a girl whom claimed she is an Angel.

To my surprise I did not get to see the penguin plastered all over their poster...

"We look forward to serving you again." Texas retrieved the package and payment from me and handed me a flyer.

Game Stats

Texas's HP is 100