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Any data other than Victoria? It's just a matter of time before the country falls into hands of those thugs.
– ---- Wei YanWu to Ch'en about current situation in Victoria.

Victoria is a country mentioned in Ch'en's report in the Arknight World, located on the west of the Ursus Empire. The Reunion Movement erupted riots within Victoria since the middle of November 1096, and since the shortwave communications were cut off after the Chernoborg Incident, it has lost contact with the Eastern states such as Lungmen. No further imformation was collected ever since.

The name of Victoria clearly alludes to Queen Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until 22 January 1901, her reign was also known as the Victorian era, that was marked by a great expansion of the British Empire.

Notable Locations

All Victorian cities mentioned in Ch'en's report had names originated from real world European architects.

Rogers -- Named after British architect Richard George Rogers, Baron Rogers of Riverside. Suffered riots since the middle of November 1096, reported to have 1,225 fatalities and injuries, with unknown missing.

Otto -- Named after German architect Frei Paul Otto. Broke out 'small conflict' since December 7th, 1096, causing 20 causalties and 121 missing.

Koolhaas -- Named after Dutch architect Remment Lucas "Rem" Koolhaas. Suffered riots since December 12th, 1096, causing 864 casualties and more than 2,200 missing.